UBP-DP coalition will scupper the Cyprus negotiations: Talat

A coalition government forged by the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Democratic Party (DP) will sabotage the Cyprus negotiations, Mehmet Ali Talat, leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has said.

Speaking to Kanal Sim, Talat alleged that former President Dervis Eroglu “is trying to get his hands on the UBP”. Even though Eroglu has not returned to politics, he is trying to run the party “from the shadows”, he said.

Arguing that the DP has “broken wings”, Talat noted: “Thus only five deputies will be able to participate in the coalition with the UBP and because it will not be very strong in this coalition, an Eroglu-DP government will actually be established with support from the outside and it will sabotage the Cyprus negotiations. And [it will do it] immediately. In five minutes, in one day it will sabotage it. It will grant a lot of citizenships, thousands of citizenships, the negotiation process will fall to pieces”, he maintained.

Talat said that the economic protocol with Turkey includes several vital issues which cannot be accepted by his party: “the provisions for the electricity authority (KIB-TEK), the abolition of the state planning organisation (DPO) and the judiciary. He added: “The increase of the retirement age is a necessity, otherwise the retirement funds will not be able to bear the burden. In any case this was our demand also”.

Talat noted that his party had an agreement with the UBP and this had been documented. He said that however, when their delegation visited Turkey, the representatives of the UBP said that the objections put forward by the Turkish bureaucrats were correct. “However, here we had made an agreement”, he noted.

Yeni Duzen

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