UBP leader pours water on Cyprus negotiations

Coalition party leader Huseyin Ozgurgun (UBP) in a written statement recently said that the Turkish water project which brings water from the Turkish mainland to the TRNC could be an issue that would affect the coalition government.

Ozgurgun said that he and CTP leader Talat had met and discussed this issue several times; and noted in fact that the coalition partnership was going well but the water project was such that it could affect it. He said that Turkey had spent billions on this investment and therefore had a right to have a say in the project; he didn’t think that being obstinate towards Turkey was the right way to go. Listening to their views and cooperating with them on the matter would be more beneficial, Ozgurgun said.

He and Talat discussed the potential scenario if local councils do not accept this idea, because at present, they distribute water and collect money in return. If however the local councils form a consortium they too will be able to participate in a tender to manage the water.

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Ozgurgun said that the talks had been going on for 50 years and there was a problem because of the Greek Cypriots’ attitude; they regard Cyprus as wholly as belonging to themselves. He added however that despite the fact that Turkish Cypriots were looking for equality, the possibility of the two sides reaching an agreement at the moment was “zero”.

Kibris Postasi

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