UBP leaders go to court

After the bitter debate at the annual UBP conference last weekend and a contested selection process, the current Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk was re-elected. His main rival Ahmet Kasif lost, despite being supported by the President and ex UBP leader, Dervis Eroglu.

Now in a new development Mr Kasif is claiming that the selection contravened the constitution of the UBP and has now decided to seek a legal decision. He is hoping that the Courts will address his complaint speedily and will reach a decision before Bayram. Mr Kasif went on to say that hostile comments from the Prime Minister were only splitting the UBP further.

Other political parties are joining the battle with the head of the Communal Democracy Party, Mehmet Cakici, also questioning the UBP selection results and instead calling for an early general election. CTP (the main opposition party) leader, Yorgancioglu, has called the UBP corrupt and accused them of distributing land and bank loans to gather support.

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