UBP Ousted as Four-Party Coalition Agreed

Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Serdar Denktaş announced the decision that his party will form a four-party coalition with the CTP, HP and TDP, so excluding the winning party – the UBP from government.

Denktaş said:

It was a very important decision for our country and our people this evening, and we are in this country not to side with political polarisation but with social unity and solidarity. We will continue to work for more freedom and human rights. We wish the four-party coalition to be a good thing for my country and for our people.”

He also noted that a four-party coalition was far from ideal and he did not expect the coalition to run for a full five-year term. However, Denktaş said that they would be doing their best in the meanwhile.

North Cyprus News - Tufan Erhurman leader of CTPLeader of the main opposition party CTP Tufan Erhürman, made a statement after the meeting. He said that he expected President Mustafa Akinci to give him the task as leader of the CTP, to form a government tomorrow or the day after.

It will open a brand new page. we hope to bring together a model of governance that will embrace the whole of society, the rule of law, and not favour any particular group in society. This is the wish of the leaders of the four-party coalition, he said.

Yeni Duzen, Kibris Postasi

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