Sacked MP challenges Kucuk for party leadership

The UBP party led by Irsen Kucuk had a disastrous showing at the recent elections. It is now down to 14 MP’s and its leader could not hold on to his constituency.

A few days ago, the party seniors met under Mr Kucuk and arbitrarily expelled two of the MP’s from the party. Neither were provided with any reason for this action.

Now Sunat Atun, one of the expelled MP’s strikes back.

Having reminded UBP party members that he received the most votes of any UBP MP, Mr Atun went on the attack.

He said that Mr Kucuk is now the laughing stock of the region. His attempts to stay in power were pathetic. He feels that Mr Kucuk should resign immediately and let the party get on with healing itself.

Mr Atun concluded that, in the right circumstances, he would put himself forward as a candidate for party leader.

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