UBP party leader lashes out at government

The government was subject to some harsh criticism from leader of the main opposition party UBP, Huseyin Ozgurgun.

He lambasted the CTP-BG coalition government for failing to cancel the tender for Ercan airport. The contract had come under scrutiny in 2013 and it has been recently reported that Tasyapi which won the tender is suing the government for delays in handing over the land at Ercan airport.

Ozgurgun also added that the building of the new terminal and road to the airport has not created any new jobs and the whole project was bankrupting the state.

He accused the coalition for pointing fingers at each other and failing to achieve positive results for the country. Ozgurgun went on to say that President Eroglu had looked the people in the eye and lied.

The CTP, Ozgurgun added, had played an important role in the downfall of Cyprus Turkish Airlines*.

*This last sentence has been edited.

Source Kibris Postasi

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