UBP Remains Ahead in Election Poll

A survey taken prior to the forthcoming snap elections scheduled to take place on January 7, has shown that the National Unity Party UBP is leading the polls.

The survey, conducted by AKSEM (Academic Centre for Continuing Education) took a sample of 774 people in face-face interviews.

According to the survey, its appears that four parties, the National Unity Party (UBP), the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) the Democratic Party (DP) and the Communal Liberation Party- New Forces (TKP-YG) will certainly acquire seats in the assembly.

The polling results showed the voting percentages for each party as follows:

UBP (National Unity Party) 33.04%, CTP (Republican Turkish Party) 25.3%, TKP-YG (Communal Liberation Party-New Forces) 13.7%, Democratic Party (DP) 10.4%.

Also, according to the results of the survey, the other parties will receive the following percentages:

YDP (Revival Party) 6.3%

TDP (Social Democracy Party) 4.8%

HP (People’s Party) 5.1%

Meanwhile, comparing the results of a previous survey, it seems that UBP, CTP, DP, TKP-YG and YDP increased their percentages, while on the other hand it is a remarkable fact that the HP’s percentages show a decrease of over 50% of its power base, something that creates concerns as to whether the party will be able to overcome the electoral threshold of 5% and enter parliament.

Also, according to the survey, taking into account a percentage of 23.1% which are still undecided, the distribution of seats in the TRNC’s parliament will be formed as follows:

UBP: 20

CTP: 16

TKP: 7

DP: 4

YDP: 3

HP: 1

Kibris Postasi

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