UBP to support Community Platform protest in July

The leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) Huseyin Ozgurgun announced yesterday in a written statement that the UBP will support a protest which is scheduled to be organised by the ‘Community Platform’, in North Cyprus on 4th July.

The Communal Platform has announced that it will organise a protest, in response to the “racist and narrow-minded voices” which are raised in South Cyprus by the Greek Cypriot administration, and the Greek Cypriot church, especially at a time when the Cyprus negotiation process is ongoing.

In his written statement, Ozgurgun said that it is the UBP’s political responsibility and mission to support the protest and the rightful reactions of the protesters against the “Greek Cypriot church and the administration’s positions” concerning the “sensitive issue of guarantees and territory” and also concerning their demand for “our citizens who have the right of citizenship” to be sent back to the motherland.

UBP underlined in the statement that the party will never give up and will always continue fighting for the sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot people and for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of political equality.


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