UBP Tops Poll as Party-Akinci Tops Poll as President

A survey conducted through face-to-face interviews with 804 randomly selected participants, in November 2019 by COMAR showed that the UBP is in the lead if there were a general election called tomorrow. However, President Mustafa Akinci came top of the poll for the presidential elections to be held in April next year.

The results were as follows:

National Unity Party (UBP): 47.25%

Republican Turkish Party (CTP): 22.51%

Revival Party (YDP): 8.71%

People’s Party (HP): 6.57%

Democratic Party (DP): 5,69%

Socialist Democracy Party (TDP): 5,05%

Communal Liberation Party (TKP): 4,22%.

North Cyprus News - Erhurman - Akinci
Tufan Erhurman – President Mustafa Akinci

In addition, the respondents were asked which candidate they would vote for should there be a presidential election tomorrow, depending on which political party they voted for. According to the results, 45% of CTP voters stated that they would vote for Mustafa Akinci and only 31.8% stated that they would vote for the party’s leader Tufan Erhurman. Akinci also receives votes from voters of all political pursuasions.

Asked about what will determine the selection of a certain candidate in the presidential elections, 39.4% of the respondents said “forming good relations with Turkey”, 16.9% said “being able to “stand at an equal distance from all political parties” and only 6.5% said “the ability to negotiate with the Greek Cypriot side”.

The poll also revealed that 51.1% of the respondents who were born in Turkey said “forming good relations with Turkey” was the most important factor, while only 34.7% of the respondents born in Cyprus gave the same reply.

The poll also asked how much Akinci met the Turkish Cypriot community’s expectations and 42% said that Akinci was able to form good relations with Turkey and 57.9% said that Akinci was successful as a negotiator in the talks with the Greek Cypriot side.


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