UK Bitcoin boss wanted by Cyprus police

The CEO of a company that sells Bitcoins – a virtual currency is wanted by police in Cyprus.

Danny Brewster, 27 from Sheffield is accused of failing to deliver £70,000 worth of Bitcoins. He is also alleged to have amounted debts of around 1 million euro in Cyprus. His 20 staff are owed salaries from March and are now unemployed.

Brewster was said to have left his home in an expensive suburb of Nicosia and his current whereabouts are unknown. He issued a statement that he had left Cyprus on a “short-term temporary basis” to raise additional capital for his company “through the sale of [his] equity as we had run out of liquidity.” Latterly, he said that he had received death threats against his young daughter and believed that it would be safer for him to stay out of Cyprus and sell his shares in his newly launched bitcoin business.

Brewster who has an office in Nicosia recently spent half a million euros on an advertising campaign to launch his new company Neo and Bee.



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