UK could buy citrus fruit from North after Brexit

Kudret Ozersay, Chairman of the People’s Party (HP) has said that a new relationship will be established between the EU and UK after Britain leaves the EU. This will bring opportunities for the TRNC, he said.

If we undertake an initiative and exert efforts without delay it is possible to overcome the problems we are facing regarding the exports of citrus fruits,” he stated.

He noted that the 1994 European Court decision could be lifted, adding that this decision was the basis of all the trade restrictions, which were transformed into an embargo on TRNC products for EU country-members.

Ozersay pointed out that before 1994, potatoes and citrus fruits from the TRNC were sold to the UK with the presentation of some certificates. “If, without any delay we implement a strategy and follow some diplomatic initiatives with the help of Turkey, we can turn the current uncertainty into a opportunity“, he stated adding that this is an opportunity that cannot be lost by the Turkish Cypriots.

In addition, Kibris Postasi regarding Brexit, reported that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) stated that the referendum results should be taken as a lesson by everyone and added that the EU must re-evaluate its social and economic policies.

Kibris Postasi

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