UK court lifts freeze on Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts

The decision taken by a British court to freeze a number of bank accounts, belonging Turkish diplomats in Britain, has been reversed. Citing sources from the Turkish Prime Minister’s office, Turkish daily Milliyet writes that Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had been informed of the court decision yesterday, during his meeting with his British counterpart in London.

The accounts were frozen on 7 January 2016, after seven Greek Cypriots who filed a property claim against Turkey asked the UK to implement a decision taken in the Greek Cypriot courts. Following which a local British court blocked a certain number of bank accounts, some of which belonged to diplomats from the Turkish Embassy.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Bakis newspaper reports that the Association of Turkish Cypriots Living Abroad (ATCA) had protested against the freezing of the Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts by the British High Court, alleging that this was a move aiming at “putting pressure on the Turkish side” and describing it as “an ill-intentioned decision”.

ATCA had sent a letter to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron asking for the decision to be re-examined.

Milliyet, Yeni Bakis

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