UK Tax dodger still at large in TRNC

Michael Voudouri, a British Cypriot has still managed to evade justice and is reportedly still living in the TRNC.

Voudouri confessed in November 2012 to hiding over £10m (12m euros) in accounts in Cyprus, Greece and Switzerland, collected from claiming VAT on fraudulent transactions. He originally faced charges of money laundering involving £45m (54.4m euros), which was reduced following his confession.

He also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of hiding £1.2m (1.5m euro) from the taxman.

Voudouri was released on bail but ended up skipping bail, reportedly finding refuge in the TRNC, which has no extradition treaty with Britain.

Scottish news reports say that tax dodger, Voudouri, is believed to be hiding in the North with his family while the British authorities seek to confiscate over 10m euros worth of his assets.

International police organisations were alerted to his whereabouts when his daughter Georgina made a post on Facebook praising the Karpaz Gate Marina resort.

Scotland’s ‘Daily Record’ claimed to have tracked down Voudouris last September, using Facebook and Google, as being at the appropriately named Hideaway Club in Kyrenia.

An arrest warrant for the 46-year-old was issued in 2012 after Voudouri failed to appear in an Edinburgh court to hear his sentence after pleading guilty to two cases of money laundering.

The VAT fraudster faces up to 10 years jail for sending more than £10 million stolen from taxpayers out of the country. Two former associates, his lawyer and accountant, were convicted and jailed last March in connection with assisting Voudouri in setting up the international fraud network.

The confiscation proceedings against Voudouri will resume in court in July.

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