UK to help sort out compensation issues for Cyprus settlement

The UK government is preparing to send financial experts to examine the matter of compensation in an attempt to aid the ongoing Cyprus negotiations.

According to Monday’s reports in Greek Cypriot daily  ‘Phileleftheros’, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond had discussed this matter in detail with high ranking officials during his recent visit to Nicosia, including the sensitive issue of properties.

Reportedly, it was during these discussions that Hammond said that probably, financial experts will be sent to the island to help assist on the issue of compensation for refugees displaced during the island’s past conflicts.

South Cyprus government officials had replied by saying that it was impossible to give a clear picture of the overall costs given that the two sides have yet to agree on a common formula on how to proceed.

Other parties interested in the issue of compensation include the UN and the troika while UN Special Envoy to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide had previously met with troika officials during their last visit on the island to discuss the same issue.

It is expected that discussion on the topic of compensation will intensify of the next few days.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected in Cyprus soon while Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov is also set to visit while Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will arrive later this year.


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