UK Turkish Cypriot Council urges Cameron to intervene

The British Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations has sent a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, asking him to put pressure on the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiating table without any preconditions, ‘Vatan’ reports.

In the letter, the council stressed the need for the resumption of the Cyprus negotiations, pointing out that should the talks not be resumed, the UK should support the two-state model solution in Cyprus.

The council also demanded that the UK accepts that the Turkish Cypriots have equal status on the island and also to begin lifting the embargoes, without any preconditions.

The council which represents 28 NGO’s in the UK, met with officials of the Prime Minister’s office, who conveyed the letter to Cameron.

The council underlines in the letter that the decision of the Greek Cypriots to suspend the Cyprus negotiation talks, pointing to Turkey’s natural gas exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean as an excuse, was disrespectful and an indication that the Greek Cypriot side does not want an early solution to the Cyprus problem.

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriots have equal rights in the natural resources of the island, the council asked both sides to suspend their drilling activities until a comprehensive solution is found for the Cyprus problem.

The letter stresses the need for the resumption of the Cyprus talks the soonest possible and without any preconditions, adding: “If no possibility is seen for the resumption of the talks, the UN should evaluate the existing situation in the island, and accept the existence of two separate states and two people”.

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