UK urges Turkey to lift its state of emergency

The UK acknowledges the gravity of the attempted coup in Turkey on 15 July, 2016. While understanding the extraordinary challenges faced by Turkey, it urges the country to lift the state of emergency, said British Foreign Minister, Sir Alan Duncan.

Sir Alan, in an interview with Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’ said that the British authorities have concerns about “human rights, arrests and the workings of democracy and judicial processes.

Reiterating that the UK stood by the Turkish government and its people Duncan said:

I think the first thing to understand is just how extensive and a total threat this was to the country and its entire government and its working as a state. So, if you understand that, then you have to understand that extraordinary steps needed to be taken to stabilise the country and to make sure this could not happen again.

I think it would be good if the country could get to the position where it can end the state of emergency and prove that the steps that have been taken against threats are on an individual basis, just, proper and fair,” Duncan said, voicing concerns about the prolonged state of emergency rule in Turkey.

There are tens of thousands of people who have been labelled as a threat. I think that is a challenge for the country and there are concerns,” he added.

It would be very good to signal that there can be a return to normality. I think a permanent or a prolonged state of emergency does not signal that,” he said.


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