UN Decision to Extend Mandate Biased: Tatar

[UN Buffer Zone]
Sunday, 31  July, 2022

The United Nations Security Council on 28 July decided to extend its mandate for UN Peacekeeping Forces to remain in Cyprus for another six months, a decision which was unacceptable, President Ersin Tatar said, BRTK reported.

Tatar said that the decision, made without any consultation with the Turkish Cypriots, only contributed to the status quo, which was unacceptable.

He went on to say that it was biased and unjust and further noted that the UN Security Council had not asked for the removal of embargoes and isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people.

President Tatar said that steps would be taken to counter this injustice, although he did not specify what steps.

In a statement issued by the Presidency it said, inter alia, that:

The purpose of the UN Goodwill Mission is to help find a freely negotiated solution mutually acceptable to the two sides”.

“As a matter of fact, the UN Security Council also emphasises the importance of political will, openness, flexibility and reconciliation in finding a common ground for the start of official negotiations and reaching a mutually acceptable solution that will be freely negotiated.”

“The attempt to impose the solution model is unacceptable”.


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