UN expected make an announcement on border crossings

Spokesman for President Akinci, Baris Burcu, has said that the President visited the Derinya border crossing point on Wednesday and that work has begun on Vehit Guner street.

The road being repaired is the existing border road, despite a proposal being made to use another route for “security reasons”.

According to ‘Kibris Gazetesi’, President Akinci had wanted the existing road to be used from the very beginning and had managed to overcome objections put forward by the military. He met with high ranking non-military Turkish officials and representatives of the Turkish General staff on the island. Finally, the Turkish military have been persuaded to stand down on the issue provided security measures are taken.

Activist for the Famagusta Initiative, Okan Dagli told the newspaper that they were very satisfied that Akinci had kept his promise to them that he would demonstrate political will and make efforts to have the existing border road opened.

Announcements by the UN regarding both Derinya and Aplic border crossing points, are expected in the next few days.

Kibris Gazetesi

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