UN intervenes to permit visitors to cross Yesilirmak check point

Around one thousand people arrived at the Yeşilırmak check point on 52 minibuses this morning. They were there to cross over to the enclaved village of Erenköy, to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Erenköy resistance.

The Greek Cypriots however had given approval for only 30 vehicles to cross over to the village.

Those who were prevented by the Greek Cypriot police to cross over to Erenköy left the buses and held a protest in front of the Yeşilırmak Check Point.

Following the incident, crossings temporarily halted at Yeşilırmak. After intervention by the UN, the buses were allowed to cross over to Erenköy at 10am.

Meanwhile, state and government officials who attended the ceremony travelled to Erenköy by air.


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