UN Officials Visit Fenced-off Varosha

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister said that he was pleased that the visit paid by EU officials to the fenced-off town of Maras (Varosha) on Tuesday went without any serious incident.

He noted that, contrary to what the Greek Cypriot press claimed, the meeting between European MEPs and TRNC officials took place without any serious incident and there were no arrests. The TRNC officials just warned visitors that taking photographs was forbidden.

In a written statement, Ozersay explained that as soon as they were informed last week that such an event was being planned, they took measures in consultation with the security forces and expressed his satisfaction at the positive outcome.

Pointing out that the EU officials are far from being impartial on this issue as well as on other issues, because they prefer to be informed only by representatives from one side, Ozersay stressed that one of the fundamental principles in international disputes is to be informed and consulted by all sides in an impartial way. He further argued: “Unfortunately, despite all our requests and insistence, the European Parliament officials refused to listen to the Turkish Cypriots’ official representatives or officials on the matter”, adding that the EU officials have to learn to listen equally and to show the necessary sensitivity to both sides.

Ozersay noted: “Any kind of approach outside this, unfortunately is condemned to be partial” and added:

“If they want to help us to solve problems, then they have to give up supporting only one of the sides of the dispute under the blanket ‘solidarity with their (EU) member’. Let us not forget, if the Greek Cypriots had said ‘yes’ to the solution plan (Annan), which was put forward in 2004, they would have re-acquired Varosha after a little while. Furthermore, Varosha, which in the past, has often been part of a package of confidence building measures, has dropped off the agenda as a result of the failure of those initiatives due to the negative stance of the Greek Cypriots. Everyone needs to bear in mind these matters when they evaluate the topic of Varosha”.

Kibris Postasi

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