FM Erik reviews Ban ki-Moon UN report

TRNC Foreign Minister Kutlay Erik says that the report produced by UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon is ‘balanced, but there are contradictions’.

The report has been produced as part of the process of extending the stay of the UN Peacekeeping force in Cyprus for another six months.

Mr Erik found it positive that the UN report mentions sharing the benefits of the islands hydrocarbon deposits between the two communities. However he feels it strange that there was no comment on the latest proposals to the UN by TRNC President Eroglu.

The UN report also notes that the volume of people and goods passing through border gates has decreased recently and proposes that more gates be opened. Mr Erik says that the TRNC has no problems with opening more crossings.

Finally the report mentions that peace talks have stalled because of the economic crisis. Mr Erik points out that this crisis is in the South and that when North Cyprus was having economic problems it still carried on with talks.

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