UN Soldiers Scuffle With TRNC Police

North Cyprus News - UN Soldiers in scuffle with TRNC police
UNFYCP Block Protesters at Lokmaci

UN soldiers formed a line preventing protesters approaching the Lokmaci barrier in Nicosia this morning.

This was the third protest action at the Lokmacı crossing point since the Greek Cypriot administration unilaterally shut down four crossing points citing coronavirus measures as an excuse.

A minor scuffle broke out between UN peacekeepers and Turkish Cypriot police at the Turkish side of the Lokmacı crossing point this morning, after the UN soldiers in an attempt to prevent protestors from crossing into the buffer zone, trespassed into TRNC territory.

The UN peacekeepers, which formed a line in front of immigration booths, were pushed back to the buffer zone by TRNC police where they formed a human chain to prevent the protestors from moving forward.

The protestors who demanded to be allowed to cross into the buffer zone to give red carnations to Greek Cypriot police waiting on the other side were prevented from doing so by the UN peacekeepers.

Meanwhile, the protestors announced they will be staging another protest at the checkpoint tomorrow.

Cyprus News - Greek Cypriot Police use Tear Gas at Lokmaci
Greek Cypriot Police use Tear Gas on Lokmaci protestors

Greek Cypriot police on Saturday had sprayed tear gas on peaceful Turkish Cypriot demonstrators who tried to push their way through the barricades.

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay on Monday said that the Greek Cypriot leadership’s decision to shut down the crossing points was intended to harm the Turkish Cypriot economy.


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