UN Special Rep Colin Stewart Meets President Tatar

North Cyprus News - Colin Stewart - Tatar - Olgun

Tuesday, 28 June, 2022

UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Cyprus and the UN Peacekeeping Force Head of Mission Colin Stewart paid a visit to President Ersin Tatar on Monday afternoon, Yeniduzen reported.

Also attending the meeting which lasted one and a half hours, was the President’s Special Representative Ergün Olgun.

Following the meeting Oglun and Stewart made statements to the press.

Olgun said that he had explained the importance of sovereign equality; In terms of building trust, he had emphasised that the necessary respect had to be shown to the Turkish Cypriots and that the embargoes had to be lifted.

Colin Stewart, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Cyprus, noted the need to build stronger economic, social and mutual ties between the two Cypriot communities  and said, “Building stronger ties will also increase trust, and trust is currently the two sides of the island. It is the most important element that is missing among half of the population and that will enable us to move forward on the Cyprus issue”. 

Stewart said that he conveyed his support to the Turkish Cypriots for the fire disaster in Kantara and expressed his appreciation to the members of the international community, including the Greek Cypriot Administration, who contributed to the extinguishing of the fire.

That the Greek Cypriots had contributed to the firefighting effort demonstrated solidarity between the Cypriots in the face of such an environmental disaster, Stewart said.

Trust Building Between The Two Cypriot Communities

Noting that there is a serious lack of trust between the parties and that it is necessary to establish trust between the two parties, The president’s special representative Ergün Olgun emphasised that the requirements of establishing trust had to be fulfilled and said:

Now how will trust be established? If you deny the status of one of the parties, trust is not born. Trust can only be possible with mutual respect. We do not deny the rights of the Greek side. They have an equal party in Cyprus, their state. However, since they also have athe right of state, the Turkish Cypriots must also acknowledge that they have a right of state. This is how trust is born. In addition, we said that if you impose 1,001 kinds of restrictions and isolation on the Turkish Cypriots, if you keep them under embargoes, this will seriously undermine trust, and in order for this to disappear, that is, remove the isolation so that trust can be established, this can seriously help to establish trust”.


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