UN willing to use shuttle diplomacy to re-engage leaders in talks

Both Cypriot community leaders remain willing to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, UNSG Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide has said.

Eide who, after meeting with President Anastasiades, met with President Akinci in the afternoon, said that it was important that the leaders meet again, since no way has been found yet to continue the Cyprus negotiations.

“We haven’t been able to do this yet and contacts will have to continue”, he said and added that he did not think it would be easy but they would try their best with shuttle diplomacy.

No dates have been set, so far, for the next leaders’ meeting, however, it had been under discussion when the Mont Pèlerin summit broke down.

It was important to see the big picture, Eide said. “Both the leaders and those involved in the process are able to see the outside lines of a final settlement, however the issue is how to get there”, he said.

He pointed out that the final stage of negotiations tended to be the most difficult. In this instance, there had been difficulties which had been overcome, until now.

Referring to Greece’s insistence on the removal of Turkish troops and that guarantees were obsolete, Eide said that both sides had been discussing this, adding that, “the current situation is not pleasing to anyone, in fact it is worrying to them.

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