Unbelievable progress made in Cyprus talks Finnish Ambassador says

Unbelievable progress has been achieved in the Cyprus negotiations in the past year, outgoing Ambassador of Finland to Nicosia Anu Saarela has said.

Speaking to Kibris Gazetesi, Ambassador Saarela noted that the gain from the solution should be explained to the two communities.

Expressing the view that “every problem has its solution”, she argued that in order for the Cyprus problem to be solved, the civilian organisations should also contribute to the process in parallel with the efforts of the leaders.

Replying to a question regarding the course of the economy of South Cyprus, the Finnish diplomat expressed the view that overcoming the economic crisis depends on the Cyprus problem. She argued that if Cyprus is reunified, the island will be opened to the world and due to its potential, its economic development will soon begin. “A solution in Cyprus is very important from the economic point of view. The two communities should preserve their relations at a very good level”, she noted.

She further said that people in both sides of Cyprus, walk on the streets freely and in safety and argued that this situation derives from the island’s cultural structure.

Finally, she underlined the importance of the two communities knowing each other’s language.

Kibris Gazetesi

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