Undersea gas pipeline to Turkey cheapest way to supply Europe

Director of the Energy Policy Research Centre of the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul Professor Gürkan Kumbaroğlu has stressed the importance of cooperation on energy in Cyprus.

Professor Kumbaroğlu told Anadolu Agency that the Eastern Mediterranean gas, as a new supply source, brought source diversification, he said the newly discovered gas will also contribute to establishing a secure supply for the whole of Europe.

Stressing that Turkey and Europe were the biggest markets for the Eastern Mediterranean gas; he said there were three options on how this gas could reach Europe.

Kumbaroğlu said the most economic alternative was to transfer the gas to Turkey via Cyprus but added that the failure of the Cyprus negotiations had blocked this alternative.

Stating that the second alternative was to transfer the gas to Turkey via an undersea pipeline, he said this alternative was the most realistic and feasible option in terms of cost.


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