Undersea pipe laying from Turkey to TRNC starts next week

Project Manager of Turkey’s State Water Affairs Department (DSI) Birol Cinar, has said that pipe laying across the sea from Mersin should begin next week. However, this could be delayed if the sea state is not favourable.

Speaking in an interview with Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ yesterday, he said that the project will meet the needs of the TRNC for drinking, utility and irrigation water until 2040. He continued that it had been planned that the project would meet the needs of the TRNC’s population, which was estimated to reach 390,000 by 2040.

The water pipe project will supply water to North Cyprus from the Alakopru Dam in the Mersin region to the Gecitkoy Dam.Cyprus News - Water project map

The total cost of the project will be one TL1 billion 200 thousand, and the sea part of the project will cost TL630 million. Cinar added that they are approaching the end of the project, and that the aim is to provide water to the TRNC by March 2014.

Cinar noted that the total length of the network of distribution pipes would be 475 kilometres and said that they will supply water to North Nicosia, the Kyrenia coastline and the area between Famagusta, Iskele and Dipkarpaz.

Asked whether electricity could also be brought over using the same pipe line, Cinar said that the same pipe line would not be used for that purpose, but there is a project for transferring electricity from Turkey to the TRNC. He concluded by saying that the electric power cables would probably be laid on the seabed.

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