UNFICYP Presence in Cyprus Unnecessary: Ozersay

The Greek Cypriot side is distorting the realities of the situation in Cyprus in an attempt to ensure the continuation of UNFICYP’s presence on the island, Deputy PM and Foreign Minister, Kudret Ozersay has said on social media. Attempts to extend the mandate for UNFICYP are attempts to maintain the status quo, he wrote.

North Cyprus News - UNFICYPReferring to the latest statement by the South Cyprus government spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, who said that the UN troops should remain stationed as long as there were Turkish troops on the island, Ozersay reminded that UN Peacekeeping troops were stationed on the island in 1964 when there was no Turkish military presence on the island.


Ozersay pointed out that the UN troops had failed to prevent, in any way, the violence that took place between 1963-1974. “Moreover, the UN had stood and just watched the fascist Greek coup take place 44 years ago. There is nothing more meaningless than to try to assign UNFICYP the mission of protecting Greek Cypriots from Turkish troops”, he said.

Asserting that UNFICYP was in some form of collaboration with the Greek Cypriot side, Ozersay said that the reason for this is that they didn’t want the status quo to change:

Over the past 54 years, UNFICYP has come to a point where they represent the status-quo. Its task, which was defined in 1964, is largely obsolete today given the current circumstances. Some important actors in the UN are not too keen on renewing UNFICYP’s mandate this time. In particular, they do not want to spend that much money for those tasks that are fulfilled. The NGOs, politicians and military officials of the two sides can also meet without the military power acting as the postman carrying letters between the two sides. I don’t think the UN should be there for that”, he concluded.


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