UNFICYP to remove mines dislodged by flooding

A de-mining operation will begin on 7th April to remove mines in the UN buffer zone which may have been shifted by flooding, the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) has announced.

Two areas – one on the eastern coast of Cyprus and the other a few kilometres west of Nicosia will be cleared by a Cambodian unit. The 21 man unit will begin work on 7th April and will finish the task at the end of May.

In the years between 2004 – 2011, UNIFICYP has overseen the removal of mines by de-mining teams in the 180 km long buffer zone which were laid by the military in 1974. Over 25,000 landmines have been cleared since that time. The aim is to completely clear the buffer zone and ultimately the whole island of land mines.

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