Union Asks Why Isn’t Kib-Tek Demanding Payment?

The Union of Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority Employees (El-Sen) announced that the Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority filed a complaint with the Court of Accounts about a missing demand for £65k  for the work on a project they have completed.

In the written statement made on behalf of the Board of Directors of El-Sen, “If the information came to our attention is correct, Why isn’t the KIB-TEK Board of Directors asking for the related total cost of 65,699.83 STG + VAT on December 11, 2017 to be paid, thereby causing a loss to the organisation?

The statement read that, “the information and documents in the hands of EL-SEN have been forwarded to the Court of Auditors. We would like to share our expectations with public and we will answer all inquiries from the Court of Accounts. EL-SEN will continue to go public with all information and every document that it has”.

EL-SEN stated that it is unacceptable to damage KIB-TEK financially, also all-electric infrastructure designs and cable laying should be done by KIB-TEK both for the State and for individuals and the related cost must be collected from the state or related persons.

KIB-TEK is making profits, even though the organisation if facing many political difficulties. This profit needs to be used for providing cheaper, higher quality sustainable energy to our people. There has been unnecessary spending, just before the election, on things that are outside the organisation‘s jurisdiction, which may cause financial loss to the organisation’s budget and we are asking if these expenditures are compatible with the organisation’s interests or not”, the statement concluded.


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