Union blames lack of inspections for work-site fatalities

The death of a young construction worker at a hotel construction site near Kyrenia Harbour has prompted an investigation into the incident, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Last week, 19 year old  Cuma Cemiloglu (R) lost his life when he was trapped under the rubble of a collapsed construction.North Cyprus News - Cuma Cemiloglu

The manager of the Department of Works Ismail Bayhanli told ‘Kibris Postasi’ that the employer had been aware of the danger. “We are going to find out whether the required measures were taken as a result of our inspector’s researches. We accept that there are insufficient work safety inspections.”

Records show that in the past three years, 714 construction accidents have occurred, 15 of which have resulted in a fatality.

DEV-IS leader Mehmet Seyis referring to the incident, said that these accidents are not accidents at all but are no less than murder, adding that there are not enough inspections being made. He stated that such accidents are the responsibility of the government and that it is only when the government increases the number of work-site inspections that accidents will be prevented.

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