Union Demands Action to Combat Drug Trafficking

The murder of the Nigerian student Kennedy Taomwabwa has demonstrated the problem with drug trafficking and associated violence in the country, the Turkish Cypriot Public Servants Union (Kamu-Sen) has asserted.

North Cyprus News - Murder of Kennedy TaomwabwaKennedy Taomwabwa (28), a student at Eastern Mediterranean University was beaten to death by drug suppliers for not paying what he owed them. He had been dealing drugs and had been sending money back home to Nigeria.

More serious measures need to be taken to prevent the trafficking of drugs into the country. Public awareness should be raised on the dangers of drug use and trade, the union said.

The number of police officers is inadequate and should be increased. This will alleviate pressures on the police”, the statement said.

It was hoped that those who use brute force in an organised way, who knowingly and willingly cause the death of someone, should be punished severely in law, the statement concluded.

Kibris News Agency

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