Union leader points out deficiencies in TRNC primary schools

Some school books in the TRNC include militarist, sexist, chauvinistic, nationalistic and racist rhetoric, General Secretary of the Turkish Cypriot primary school teachers’ trade union (KTOS), Sener Elcil has said.

Speaking at a press conference Elcil noted that KTOS has been pointing out these problems in the field of education, which have worsened since 1999.

Referring to the problems which education in TRNC is facing, Elcil said that there are no teachers in the special education centres because the law making special provision has not been passed and that the system is operating with teachers coming from Turkey, while 73 TRNC teachers are unemployed. He noted that at first stage education there is a need for 40 teachers in the primary schools, 24 teachers in the pre-primary education and 78 guidance counsellors. He added that the number of the teachers needed in the special education has not been determined yet.

Referring to the problems of infrastructure in schools, Elcil argued that the schools are facing such problems because financial resources are not allocated, noting that they are expecting that deficiencies such as laboratories, libraries, playgrounds and sports halls will be made up.

Elcil also pointed out that 12 million Turkish lira (TL) were spent this year for the refurbishment of 62 schools, while the cost of the mosque in the Nicosia suburb of Haspolat was 75 million TL.

Halkin Sesi

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