Union leader will go to international courts to thwart Turkey’s actions

Sener Elcil, general secretary of the Turkish Cypriot teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS), has said he will go to the international courts to thwart Turkey’s attempts to turn the TRNC into its province.

In a written statement issued yesterday, Elcil likened the National Unity Party (UBP)- Democratic Party (DP) coalition government to the Vichy government which cooperated with the Nazis when France was under German occupation during World War II.

We will undertake any kind of initiative to take the members of the government in front of the international justice”, he noted adding that Turkey’s military intervention in 1974 became an invasion and occupation by violating international law.

Elcil said that actions such as privatisations and the establishment of a coordination office [by the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports] aim at concealing the occupation and added that the real aim is assimilation and integration in order to annihilate the Turkish Cypriot community.


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