Union says ‘No’ to Riot Control Vehicle

The report on the tender by the General Directorate of Police to purchase an RCV, has raised a great deal of anxiety and disquiet amongst the population. Today the unions have reacted.

Arslan Bicakli, leader of umbrella union, Turk-Sen, gave a press statement criticising the potential purchase. The statement says that the current UBP government has not been following the constitution and is not meeting the legal claims of workers. These actions have led to union protests and now the UBP want to go against the constitutional right to strike by buying an RCV to disperse protesters.

He went on to say that the TRNC does not yet have a helicopter to fight fires with, does not have enough ambulances to meet the needs of citizens and is pushing its citizens to starvation with its economic measures. However, it has somehow found the money to buy a vehicle with which it can bully its citizens.

Let the government be aware that they do not own their positions for ever. As soon as there is a general election they will pay for the measures they have taken against the public, he concluded.

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