Union to Sue Kib-Tek for Abusing its Power

North Cyprus News - Kubilay Ozkirac - Head of EL-SENElectricity workers union El-Sen is suing Kib-Tek Board of Directors for misconduct by failing to collect outstanding payments owed by the Ministry of Finance.

Union leader Kubilay Özkıraç said that union members had cut power to the ministry which was obliged to use generator power for two hours.

However, the Chairman of Kib-Tek’s board of directors Erdal Onurhan decided to have the power supply reconnected to the ministry despite non-payment of its debt.

The El-Sen union leader said that that Kib-Tek had acted illegally and charged the Board of Director’s chief with failing his duties. The union claims that the finance ministry owes Kib-Tek 100 million TL. This figure is disputed by the government.

In the meantime, a statement about the legal action was issued by Kib-Tek Board of Director’s, president Erdal Onurhan, said that a criminal complaint had been filed with the police about the employees who made the power cut and announced that an investigation will be opened within power company.

Kibris Postasi

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