Unions accuse Turkey of obliterating Turkish Cypriots

A joint statement issued by trade unions accuses Turkey of wiping out the Turkish Cypriots. North Cyprus daily ‘Havadis’, reports that Turkish Cypriot Primary Teachers’ Union (KTOS), Turkish Cypriot Primary Teachers’ Union (KTOEOS), “Turkish Cypriot State Workers’ Union” (Cag-Sen), Turkish Cypriot Physicians’ Union (Tip-Is) and the “Academic personnel of East Mediterranean University’s Union” (Dau-Sen), in a joint announcement issued yesterday, said that “the north part of Cyprus, which is considered an EU territory, is under the administration of Turkey”, adding that this is contrary to the founding treaties of the Republic of Cyprus as well as to the Geneva Treaty.

In the joint statement, it is said that the “governments of North Cyprus administrate the Turkish Cypriots with [the] decisions and the interferences of Ankara governments”, adding that there is a policy in North Cyprus, which defends integration and assimilation and this policy continues to wipe out the Turkish Cypriots, to take their identity and personality and keep them as hostages for bargaining.

According to the joint statement, the Turkish Cypriots have been subjected for 30 years now to the same practices that the ruling government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have implemented to the Gezi Park demonstrations.

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