Unions condemn Turkey for meddling in TRNC affairs

In a written statement, the general secretary of KTOS, Sener Elcil strongly condemned Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu for statements he made when he visited the Hala Sultan Theological School in Haspolat. He described Cavusoglu’s statements, particularly in view of the state of the Cyprus negotiations, as devastating.

On the one hand, Cavusoglu states that he supports a federal solution in Cyprus and on the other hand, he wants to change the education and the judicial system in the TRNC, aiming at our integration with Turkey. This shows Turkey’s insincerity towards the negotiation process and it proves also that the political parties which remained silent are Turkey’s puppets. We have exerted a lot of efforts to maintain the existence of the Turkish Cypriot community and we are not afraid of the ‘sergeant of the imam’s army who wishes to turn our country into a country of sheikhs, dervishes”, Elcil said.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, the chairman of KTOEOS, Tahir Gokcebel condemned Cavusoglu for stating that five more theological schools will open in the TRNC and claimed that Cavusoglu, with the above statements, had mocked the court’s decision which had ruled to the contrary. Gokcebel warned the Turkish officials that the Turkish Cypriot community will continue its struggle for its identity, culture, religion and language, adding that their meddling in the internal affairs of the TRNC had become a habit.


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