Unions hold protest march against economic protocol

The Social Democracy Party (TDP) has protested against the National Unity Party/ Democratic Party coalition government’s circular send by the Ministry of the Interior to the district officers. The circular makes provisions for securing a permit beforehand to stage demonstrations, marches and similar activities.

The TDP argued that the circular contravenes article 32 of the constitution and asked for its withdrawal. It further described as “thought provoking and concerning” the fact that the community is governed by those with such a mind set.

The party argued that the government is now taking measures in an attempt to quell or reduce to the minimum, the reaction of the general public against the economic protocol, which is about to be signed. The protocol permits the giving away of communal property, notably the telecommunication authority, the electricity authority and the ports.

A march was held by the Trade Union Platform yesterday to the Ministry of the Interior, in order to protest about this issue.

Kibris Gazetesi

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