Unions protest against unecessary road deaths

The Trades’ Union Platform held a vigil this morning, at the site of a road traffic accident which claimed the lives of a school bus driver and two school girls on the Degirmenlik-Kyrenia mountain road. Seven other students were injured, some critically.

A statement issued by the platform read: “The unions will continue to fight against an administration which has abolished Daylight Saving Time, thus throwing the whole country into chaos. The labour office is turning a blind eye to illegal workers; the education office is allowing students on unsafe; buses whilst the transport office is not taking enough measures to secure roads.

General Secretary of the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union, Sener Elcil said: “We cannot bring back the lost lives here, but there is a lot to be done for the rest.”

Those present, including the families of those who died, observed three minutes silence.

A general strike has been held across the country in protest against the government’s decision not to observe daylight saving time (DST). A decision which was said to have contributed to the accident on the mountain road which occurred early in the morning in poor light.

A demonstration was held in front of the assembly building today.

Kibris Gazetesi

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