Unions rail against interference by Turkey

Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot public Servants’ trade union (KTAMS), has said that Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) “uses statements that it supports the solution and peace in Cyprus to deceive the world”.

In a written statement issued yesterday, Kaptan noted that AKP’s main aim is to ensure that the public-owned domains in North Cyprus are transferred to the “green capital”, as he called the businessmen who are closely connected to the AKP.

According to Kaptan, the National Unity Party (UBP)-Democratic Party (DP) coalition government was established by the AKP and does not care what the people want. “The important thing for them is to literally implement [Ankara’s] instructions”, he said adding that KTAMS and other organisations and political parties will stand against these impositions.

He noted that the price of the water was first imposed without the people knowing how much they will pay for it and then it was said that electricity will be brought from Turkey with the signing of the economic protocol. Kaptan wondered what will happen to the employees of the electricity and telecommunications authority and what will be the cost of services provided for the people. He also said that Ercan airport had been given away and they had not learned any lessons from that. “With the privatisation of the ports, the connection between the people with the world will be cut off”, he noted.

In addition Ortam refers also to statements made by Tahir Gokcebel, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot secondary school teachers’ trade union (KTOEOS), who said that the impression that the AKP wants a solution in Cyprus is false. Gokcebel said that the fact that this image is false has more clearly come to light with the steps taken regarding the water, the economic package and the coordination office.

Gokcebel argued that the content of agreement for establishing a coordination office [by Turkey in the TRNC] “bears the signs of mistrust” which ignores the work carried out for years in the field of youth, culture and sports.

What is the aim of forming alternative youth centres and administrations with employees from Turkey?”he asked and pointed out that the policies followed for so many years have turned North Cyprus into a money laundering centre and a paradise for gambling, casinos, cathouses, mafia and drugs. He argued that today the universities, the hotels and other companies have started importing crime and not development.

He added: “It has been understood now that these policies are an attack against the existence of the Turkish Cypriot community. Supporting these policies is tantamount to treason”. He said that approving the youth and sports ministry’s coordination office abroad is treason against the Turkish Cypriot community.


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