Unions say no to compulsory labour

After a long meeting between Nicosia mayor Kadri Fellahoglu and council workers’ union BES, salaries will be paid tomorrow.

However these are for May and a number of employees have already left their jobs.

It seems that the continuing financial difficulties of Nicosia council will just not go away. There has been no news how and when June and July employee salaries will be made.

BES union leader, Savas Bozat said that some 20 employees were on strike. They had exercised their constitutional rights to protest against unpaid labour.

Mr Bozat said that the council was arranging a TL50 million loan and that this would be finalised in the next ten days. If this were to go through then June and July salaries could be paid.

If nothing happened, Mr Bozat said that his members would get tired of waiting and there would be the possibility of more strikes.

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