Unions threaten hungers strike over loss of collective bargaining

The ruling party in North Cyprus for the first time in its political history faces the threat of a hunger strike issued by a number of unions, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Unions have said they would go on hunger strike on 2nd September in protest at the elimination of the right to collective bargaining.

Turkish Cypriot Minister of Labour and Social Security Aziz Gürpınar (above) stated that he will be meeting with the unions.  “I believe that the problem should be solved before the strike takes place, but this is not possible with a public mandate. The source of the problem is the law,” he said.

Meanwhile everyone is waiting for a decision by Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancıoğlu who has the sole say on the “public mandate” before the council of ministers. ‘Kıbrıs Postası’ says it was unable to reach him for a comment.

Relations between the unions and the government remain tense while waiting for Minister Gürpınar to arrange a meeting with the unions.

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