Unsolved Case of Murdered Journalist Closed

Kutlu Akali - murdered journalist
[Kutlu Adalı – murdered journalist]
It is alleged that the judicial authorities in Turkey have issued a decision of non-prosecution regarding the unsolved murder of journalist Kutlu Adalı* who wrote a column in Yeniduzen, Yeniduzen reports.

Turkish opposition journalist Erk Acarer posted on social media “X” the decision claimed to have been made by the “Istanbul Anatolian Republic Prosecutor’s Office”. The documents indicate that while arrest warrants for Sedat Peker, Atilla Peker, and Korkut Eken remain in effect in North Cyprus in connection with the unsolved murder, the Republic of Turkey authorities have decided not to pursue charges against these three individuals.

The documents state that, according to the investigation carried out by the judicial authorities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC), no findings were made, and the investigation had exceeded the statute of limitations. 

Sedat Peker, who is wanted by the Turkish judicial authorities on charges of being the leader of an organised crime syndicate, had claimed in his previous “exposure” videos that he had tasked his brother Atilla Peker with killing Kutlu Adalı. Atilla Peker, in response to this, had confessed to Turkish judicial authorities, stating that upon receiving a call from Sedat Peker, he met with former Turkish intelligence officer Korkut Eken  and travelled to Cyprus. Atilla Peker claimed that Eken gave him two guns, and after spending three days in Cyprus, they returned without carrying out the murder.

Korkut Eken has denied allegations that he had been involved in the assassination of Kutlu Adalı.

Atilla Peker later stated that a few months after returning to Istanbul, he went to Korkut Eken, who told him, “We’ve taken care of that incident we went to with you”. At that point, he learned from the media that the journalist reportedly killed in Nicosia was the person they had gone with and returned, and he also discovered that this individual was not a terrorist, as initially described to him, but a journalist.


*Kutlu Adalı (Born in Nicosia in 1935 –  Died July 6, 1996) was a Turkish Cypriot journalist, poet, socio-political researcher, and peace advocate.

In the years leading to his assassination, Kutlu Adali was a well-respected journalist working for the left-wing Yeniduzen newspaper in Nicosia, which published his regular column ‘From Blue Cyprus’. While his early works, including his books and periodicals, were nationalistic in content, his latter contributions were critical of the then right-wing establishment prevalent in North Cyprus.

On July 6, 1996, he died after being machine-gunned outside his home. [Wiki]

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