Untreated sewage crisis in old harbour continues

Electricity to the sewage pumping station at Kyrenia old harbour was cut once again, yesterday.

Although it emerged that there would be some kind of agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and Kyrenia municipality, to pay the outstanding electricity bills, apparently no payments have been arranged yet.

EL-Sen followed up the threat to cut power to the pumping station again, if no repayment measures were put in place.

The dispute has meant that for three weeks, the old harbour has been plagued with sewage smells and the site of effluent in the harbour.

Kyrenia council states that the responsibility for payment of electricity bills now falls to the Ministry of Tourism because that government office has assumed responsibility for the old harbour. In its turn, the Tourism Ministry denies that it is responsible for paying the bills.

Harbour front restaurant owners have been complaining bitterly about the smell, the loss of business and the fact that they pay a charge for sewage treatment but currently there is none.

The Minister for Tourism, Environment and Culture, Unal Ustel is expected to hold a press conference on the issue today.

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