UPB Chair Candidate Denies Links To Video Scandal

North Cyprus News - Faiz Sucuoglu - Labour Minister
[National Unity Party (UBP) Deputy – Faiz Sucuoğlu]
National Unity Party (UBP) deputy and party chairman candidate Faiz Sucuoğlu has responded, with vigour, to the accusations made against him by Ersan Saner, Kibris Postasi reported.

Speaking on TV 2020 broadcast by telephone, Sucuoğlu said, “Obviously Ersan Bey is looking for a criminal, but it is his fault. If he wants to create a criminal, it’s him“.

Sucuoğlu, pointing to statements given in court by suspects linked to the making and distribution of a sex video which features Ersan Saner and a young woman, asked, “Why didn’t Mr Ersan go to the police himself? It is rumoured that he has been in a relationship for a year and a half. Ersan Bey should be more familiar with events“.

Sucuoğlu, who emphasized that he had had nothing to do with the issue, asked, “Why did they target me? This is an intervention in the congress“. 

Sucuoğlu also issued a written statement on the subject on social media which said:

I am deeply saddened by the situation Prime Minister Ersan Saner has fallen into, by what he has been through and the events surrounding him. I do not want to see any family man in this situation, or to watch any government official being blackmailed in this way. I am Faiz Sucuoğlu. UBP members know my attitude and style best…

I read Ersan Saner’’s written statement with great sadness. Line by line, he’s targeting me throughout his statement. The creation of these images is Ersan Bey’s own fault. But I have no involvement, no instructions or effort in their distribution. If Ersan Bey necessarily wants to create a criminal, it is only himself. He has fallen into a position he should not have been in.

Rumours That Saner Had 18 Month Relationship With Woman In Video

He asked me, “Why didn’t he go to the police?” he accuses. It’s true, I didn’t go to the police. The reason why I didn’t go was that I kept it a secret in order not to interfere with Mr. Saner’s family integrity and privacy. I did not share it with anyone. I also politely dismissed those who came to me. What is reflected in the court is that Mr. Saner had a relationship with the woman in question for 1.5 years. As I refused to watch the images, Mr. Ersan Saner has news.

“Mr. Saner, instead of accusing me of not going to the police, why didn’t he apply to the police himself? Why didn’t he start a legal battle? Days before the convention, as a candidate with the worst first-round vote of 56 percent, am I crazy? Am I pure? Am I inexperienced? What do I gain by injuring someone whom I do not see as a rival in the congress, in a way that I do not attribute to my family upbringing or UBP traditions?

Saner’s Remarks Act Of A Desperate Man

“The entire statement made by Ersan Bey reflects the mood of a person who has lost everything. I deny all the accusations he has made. I’m returning it all. If there’s a conspiracy, it’s that I was targeted after the scandal erupted. All candidates know that I came out of the postponed congress the strongest, and I am entering this congress as the strongest candidate.

“I had only two goals in the process of a congress that developed in the form of “Faiz and others”. The first is the unity and integrity of the UBP, and the second is the economic development of our country in such a way that the government will emerge from the elections alone. I still make this claim and I will win the congress from the first round.

“I say this loudly and clearly: Let them find my fault in this incident, I will not leave politics, I will leave the country. I will refute the baseless and baseless accusations made. I don’t deserve it, my legal rights are reserved. We will complete our congress with victory in the first round and bring our party to power in the early elections.

Afterwards, I want it to be known that whoever is involved in this conspiracy, even if I have one eye, has no place in this party. It is our party’s main duty to reveal all the facts on this matter. Count This For Ersan Saner, I will pursue him to the end. I have full confidence in our police and our judiciary. Today, a perception may be attempted to spread to the grassroots, but it should not be forgotten that the truth has a habit of coming out sooner or later”.

Kibris Postasi

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