UPB rebels to resign before expulsion

Eight rebel UBP party members of parliament signed a motion of ‘no confidence’ in their own government.

Combined with opposition party votes, this will be enough to topple the government when the motion is debated on Monday (May 27th).

The UBP party voted to punish the rebel MP’s and last week sent their case to their internal disciplinary committee with the recommendation that they be expelled. The committee expelled the MP’s but they have 7 days to appeal their case.

In the latest twist in the tale, these MP’s will be resigning today before they are formally expelled from their party.

They will hold a press conference at 11am today at the Merit hotel in Nicosia to make the announcement. They also plan to announce that they will be joining with the DP party led by Serdar Denktas and fighting the elections ion July 28th together

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