US blasts TRNC for Human Trafficking

A report published by the US Department of State took specific aim at the TRNC regarding human trafficking.

Extracts from the report say’ The TRNC authorities do not have laws to prevent trafficking or help victims. This suggests that they are closing their eyes to the issue.’

The report also highlighted North Cyprus’s 40 ‘night clubs’ and that 121 women have been given hostess licences with a further 24 awarded waitress licenses at the establishments.

A large majority of these women are tricked into coming to the TRNC with promises of work but then forced into prostitution. Many of the victims coming from Moldovia and the Ukraine.

The report continues by pointing out that only a small number of club owners are tried under prostitution laws, even though the practice is illegal. Police raids only result in arrests of low level employees such as waiters and the victims themselves.

IN 2012, 389 women were deported from the TRNC because they had broken their contracts with night clubs by attempting to move from them. Meanwhile there are a growing number of internet sites advertising sex tourism, complete with customer reviews.

The report concludes by putting the TRNC in “category 3” which means that it does not meet even the minimum acceptable criteria related to human trafficking or victim protection.

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