US continues its support for Cyprus settlement

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has said that the United States strongly supports a Cyprus settlement by Cypriots for Cypriots and that Washington is encouraged by the leaders’ hard work towards reunification.

“We will continue to support these leaders as they take difficult steps but we want this to be a Cypriot owned, Cypriot led process” she said following her meeting with President Mustafa Akinci at his office in North Nicosia.

The US diplomat said that she had a productive meeting with Akinci and added:

“We are hopeful of both leaders making courageous decisions for peace, thinking about their people, thinking about the future of this island. We also had a very good strategic conversation about the importance of peace and reconciliation not just for all the people of Cyprus but also for this turbulent neighbourhood which needs stability, which needs peace, which needs a positive example of two communities living well together. So the US will continue to support this”.


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