US removing nuclear weapons from Incirlik air base

In an atmosphere of deteriorating relations between US and Turkey, the US has begun the transfer of nuclear weapons located in Turkey to Romanian.

According to sources, reports that that this move is very challenging both politically and technically.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, one of the sources said, “It’s not easy to move 20 plus nukes,”

Another source said that the condition of US-Turkey relations is so bad that the US government no longer trusts Ankara to keep the weapons. These are now being transported to Deveselu air base in Romania, the source said.

Since the Cold War, around 50 US tactical nuclear weapons have been held at Incirlik air base in Turkey, which lies about 100 kilometres from the Syrian border, a recent report by the Simson Centre says.

During the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15th July, power to Incilik air base was cut and US aircraft were forbidden to take off or land there.

There is now a question as to whether or not the US could have kept control of the weapons in the event of a protracted civil war in Turkey, the report says.

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